Life in Arthur

Living in Arthur


The area we have come to know and love as the “Arthur Area” encompasses approximately a seven-mile radius of the Village of Arthur.  The village has approximately 2,300 residents with an additional 4,500 Amish residents in the nearby countryside.  Living in the Arthur Area provides you opportunities to experience a very quiet and calm approach to life.  The area is clean and pristine where you can see the stars on a clear, cool night.  The peacefulness of each day and evening is only broken by the comforting sound of horses clopping along pulling the buggies behind.


Each day we have approximately 1,500 people drive into the Arthur Area for their employment.  With over 400 businesses located in our area, there are numerous opportunities to work and play in the Arthur Area.  Our manufacturing base is the largest in two counties – Douglas and Moultrie – in the area.  Our schools are some of the highest quality in central Illinois due to the diligence of the past and present administration and staff.  Our school district is one of the largest, geographically, in the state of Illinois.  Our parks enhance the overall experience our visitors enjoy when visiting the Arthur Area.


In addition to enjoying the clean, calm pace of life in the Arthur Area you are not far from the “big” cities of Indianapolis, Chicago and St. Louis.  Each of these metropolitan areas may be reached with a 2 hour trip on the interstate.

We will plan to see you soon somewhere enjoying the peace and calm of the Arthur Area because it is truly a great place to call home.


Government offices

Village of Arthur Municipal Building

120 East Progress

PO Box 139

Arthur, IL 61911

Office Hours:  7:30am – 3:30pm Monday-Friday

Phone: 217-543-2927

Fax: 217-543-3714





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